Saturday, 21 May 2011

More Curiosities

I have prepared new settings in "The Cabinet", using a large amount of pieces I have collected over the years.

First, I don't remember who made this Tiffany lamp but I'm sure I bought it in New York at "Tiny Dollhouse". The telescope, the armillary and the cannon-noon gun - a real curiosity of obscure purpose - are by Nantasy Fantasy. For the orrery I used a kit from Ericka Van Horn.

On the new table, a collection of rock crystals and a tiny piece of amber with an even tinier fly trapped inside.

I just finished the skull display : a mayan crystal skull, a tiny bone skull - quite normal for a skull - and a Mixtec human skull partially overlaid with turquoise mosaïc.


  1. The stained glass lamp is by Barbara and Lew Kummerow

  2. Olá Dominique! Não conhecia o seu blog, mas agora que estive a ver, gostei muito do seu trabalho. Parabéns!
    Convido-a a passar no meu blog para que possa ver o meu trabalho.
    Espero que goste!