Sunday, 20 March 2011

Discovery of a naturalized Dodo in a private collection

The Dodo will be the first piece for my Cabinet of Curiosities. This heavy flightless bird from Mauritius Island has been extinct until the late XVIIth Century. We have descriptions and drawings by Dutch travelers who visited the Island during the Sixteenth Century, some bones are preserved in Museums but no complete skeleton has been found. I have the chance to be the owner of the only naturalized Dodo known in the world…Of course he is 1:12 scale made in FIMO and flocking, with the addition of some feathers, but he is still very rare.

The FIMO part of the work.

Painting the Dodo

A new Dodo is born.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

My Humpty Dumpty House little Etsy store

I have opened my own Etsy store, the Humpty Dumpty House store, where I’m listing some of my handmade miniatures. I already have romantic shoes for sale, the kind Madame de Pompadour or Marie-Antoinette would have liked. I’m going to list the slippers right now. I will also sell other miniatures I have made in the recent past, like my stamps collector desk. I hope you will enjoy it.