Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Witch travel trunk

I had planned a few years ago to build a witch cottage. I know it's not original, but I like witches, so I've decided to make witch stuff anyways. Some three years ago, I bought an Orchid kit by Greenleaf to make this witch cottage, or maybe a fairy house, or the house of Little Red Riding Hood's granny, or the house of the seven dwarves in Snow White or ... something else. The kit is safely kept under my bed, it follows me untouched moving after moving. I have made more and more witch stuff and Harry Potter items. I have built a Harrry Potter shop, called "Les Dragons Azimutés" , but still no cottage. My world of wizzardry is always on the move, which is why I needed a travel trunk especially designed for witches.

Witch travel trunk       done

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Luggage for vampire slayer

I found a very unique case for my Curiosities Cabinet in a dusty antique shop. It’s a collector luggage especially conceived for vampire hunters. It seems to be a tool case from the end of the nineteenth century belonging to a vampire slayer.

Beyond the portraits of Vlad Tepes and Elisabeth Bathory, two of the most well-known vampires in the world (except for Edward and Bella), we can see all the tools needed to get rid of vampires: a hammer and a stake to stick right into their heart, holly water, garlic, crucifix, and a Bible to keep them away from the living ones.

There is also a pistol with silver bullets. Not all specialists are convinced that vampires are sensible to silver, some say it only works against werewolves. They are there just in case. Our hunter also had a mirror to make sure it was a real vampire he was dealing with, as well as a board showing various forms of bats. Vampires liked to change into these animals, thus the need to be able to identify the species.

All these items are packed in a very practical small case, designed to travel even in the Carpathians. I noticed there is no trace of a bottle of True Blood to feed them if necessary. Maybe this kind of drink was only created later…