Wednesday, 23 February 2011


In Manhattan, there is a very interesting store for anyone looking for curiosities, oddities, taxidermy, natural history...

Even if you make miniatures you can find something there. I came back with new pieces for my Cabinet of Curiosities. Here are the first pieces for my mini cabinet...the others- I still have to make them- are not ready.

Tiny coloured shells, a fossil ammonite, a fossil sea urchin and at the bottom some extrasmall rock crystals.

Also a really tiny seahorse and a starfish. I have added my miniature magnifying glass to give you the size. The skull was carved in a bone in Indonesia.

You can use the magnifier to see my last find, that's really the best one : fossil amber from the Baltic with a mosquito or something trapped inside. I will play "Jurassic Park". Next time I'll show you my dinosaurs !

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Potions trunk

I'd like to have an old trunk like Professor Horace Slughorn's in the Half-Blood Prince. So, I've made my own potions trunk. I used wood, cardboard, copper foil, paper, faux leather, beads, glass bottles...

At this stage the trunk still needs some bronze painting and some aging too.

Now it's better, the trunk travelled around the world and gained stickers.

         The nice apothicary bottles are by Gerd Felka.