Saturday, 21 May 2011

More Curiosities

I have prepared new settings in "The Cabinet", using a large amount of pieces I have collected over the years.

First, I don't remember who made this Tiffany lamp but I'm sure I bought it in New York at "Tiny Dollhouse". The telescope, the armillary and the cannon-noon gun - a real curiosity of obscure purpose - are by Nantasy Fantasy. For the orrery I used a kit from Ericka Van Horn.

On the new table, a collection of rock crystals and a tiny piece of amber with an even tinier fly trapped inside.

I just finished the skull display : a mayan crystal skull, a tiny bone skull - quite normal for a skull - and a Mixtec human skull partially overlaid with turquoise mosaïc.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

In the bedroom

I'm still working on my house's rooms. Some new and older pieces have take place in the setting.

I have made some custo of broken Bespaq furniture, I changed the upholstery of the chair : it's now a peacock print, very William Morris.

The hat is by Marie-France Beglan. The black box with brooch and the compact by LXL-Cruces-Miniaturas. I have made the tapestry handbag in a workshop with Cilla Hallbert.

The dresser set in tortoise shell is by St Leger. I 've made the gloves and the bottles.

The Neil Carter shell lamp on the mantel of the Art Nouveau fireplace.

My "Lady of Shallot" hanging on the wall of the bedroom, painted by Aidan Campbell.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

New Treasures for my Art Nouveau house

I'm back from the Kensington Dollhouse Festival with a bag full of treasures and ideas. Today I will show you only the most important ones. I keep the others for another day.

The table was made by Kim Selwood, after an original by Hermann Obrist (1863-1927) a sculptor of the Jugenstil movement.

All the bronze pieces are by Neil Carter. The bust is a bronze by Agathon Leonard (1841-1923) a french Art Nouveau sculptor. The table lamp with shell is after an original by Gustav Gurschner (1873-1971) a renowned sculptor of the viennese Art Nouveau. The ibis is of egyptian origin and is meant to go in my Cabinet of curiosities with other archaeologicals findings to come.

Here is an english painting fitting in the period, The Lady of Schallot after a victorian ballad by Alfred Lord Tennyson, painted by Waterhouse (1849-1917) in the Pre-Raphaelite style. The 1/12 scale copy is by Aidan Campbell, an English artist in miniatures.

Some real books by Ellie de Lacy.

Those are two Atlas: one by Mercator going back to 1595, the other is a more recent Royal Atlas.

And, at last, the most brilliant pianist of the show, an automaton by Laurence & Angela St Leger. If that's not a curiosity !

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Voodoo dolls in the mailbox

I was away on vacations. When I came back this week, I found three tiny voodoo dolls in the mail. It's a gift from Erika EVminiatures. They are fantastic, just aged enough as if they had been already used, maybe they have...They are a special gift for my voodoo boat. Unfortunately the boat is not with me right now, I would have to wait before displaying them. Therefore I have had a better idea : they will be perfect in my Cabinet of Curiosities, with some other weird artifacts I just finished : shrunken heads !

The Voodoo Dolls

Thank you Erika, the dolls are really great.