Thursday, 18 December 2014


I worked on my dollhouse this week. The windows of the living room, on the ground floor, are ready.

I picked out a colour similar to the door, a kind of fake cherry wood. The design matches the first floor windows. The front of the house is squeaky clean.
I decided to finish the decoration of the living room by adding curtains to the windows of the dining room and an Art Nouveau divider between the two rooms.
Everything was ready to take pictures of my "great work"...and Aaaargh... the electricity in the dollhouse isn't working anymore. The living room is in the dark. I didn't check after the moving if the circuit was all right. I think it's the fuse and I don't have any left. I have to wait for a delivery...The poor lighting outside isn't helping, I will take pictures NEXT TIME !
Meanwhile I have made some new shoes. Fake snake [chicken legs] in a light blue grey for the bedroom.
I hope the light will come back soon, I want to show you the novelties of the curiosities cabinet !

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Once more Art Nouveau

I'm working on several things at the same time. As a result, nothing is finished yet and sometimes my houses stay as "work in progress" for years.
I finally managed to finish the terrace rail for the front of my Art Nouveau dollhouse. Fortunately, Jean-Claude from "Maison française 1/12" recently made a balcony for his house showing on his blog the technique he used. The final look is really good and it is relatively easy to make. I decided to go with it immediately.
Many thanks Jean-Claude !

Comme je commence toujours des tas de choses en même temps, le résultat est que ce n'est jamais fini. Certaines de mes maisons attendent depuis des années la touche finale. Après avoir regardé le blog de Jean-Claude, qui explique sa technique pour faire une balustrade en fer forgé 1/12, je me suis finalement décidée à finir la terrasse Art Nouveau. Sa technique est relativement simple à mettre en oeuvre. Il n'y avait plus qu'à faire !
Now, I'm back inside. Next time I show you the novelties that I have bought for the Curiosities Cabinet.
Maintenant je retourne à l'intérieur de la maison, bientôt des nouveautés dans le Cabinet de Curiosités.