Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Back to the Art Nouveau

I didn't like the bedroom of my house. It wasn't really Art Nouveau, the colour was too yellow and the whole thing was a little bit tacky, so I tore it all off...


It's much better now. I only kept the door and the floor, and reused the wiring. I changed the colours, a greyish blue and a champagne that are more in the tone of the era. I bought a beautiful wallpaper by Susan Bembridge, called "golden lily." It's a William Morris design with blue lilies. But unfortunately, the room is too small and the print is way too heavy, so my bedroom looked like a candy box. I decided not to use it, but I kept the matching fabric...

I made my own design for the new "Iris bedroom"and the window frame that I hadn't done before. Now the walls are ready.

The electricity and the furniture are back in place, but I still have no bed. The next step will be : me making an Art Nouveau bed.
That's the house now, still a lot of work to do !