Saturday, 31 May 2014

Little additions before the great migration.

Moving dollhouses and miniatures is worse than moving 1/1 furniture. Some of you are in the same situation, and for me it's not the first experience, but it takes so much time to pack all the little curiosities of "The Cabinet"....
I can't resist to add some little objects before they get wrapped in bubbles and boxes, even if this doesn't help the efficiency of the packing process.

During the KDF I bought two birds from Tiny Tails Miniatures  to finish  some display under globe. Actually I made two, one with the birds and one with real shells and a sand rose, decorated with fake coral.

I'm really happy with the colours in the globe, they match perfectly those of the cabinet.

Je commence à empaqueter les miniatures du "Cabinet de Curiosités". Ce n'est pas très rapide et, comme je retrouve de petites choses en attente, je fais encore quelques dioramas sous globe...côté efficacité, je ne suis pas sur la bonne voie. Des oiseaux de Tiny Tails Miniatures, une rose des sables et des coquillages, du faux corail....Je suis assez contente du résultat. Il ne reste plus qu'à les emballer !


Sunday, 25 May 2014

Woodworking workshops at KDF

The Kensington Dollhouse Festival is now over. I took workshops with Geoff Wonnacott with the intention to improve my skills in woodworking. I'd like to be able to make some furniture for my Art Nouveau dollhouse. As it would take more than three days to learn all those techniques, I'm still a long way from the goal...but I keep training ! The knife box and the Chippendale corner cabinet are far from finished but I will fix the problems soon. I think that my inlay is not clean enough, on the box, and I have hinging problems on the cabinet.

But, these are little trifles, as, on the bright side, I have met a lot of very nice ladies during this time. Yes, mostly ladies, with the exception of Geoff.

I've bought a new chair by Kim Selwood, a model from Arthur Heygate Mackmurdo, going back to 1883. But I didn't like the leather and I replaced it with a William Morris design - a kit I bought from Nicola Mascall.

For now, I have made some improvement in the Cabinet of Curiosities and they will be the last before September. Once again we are moving - from London to another borough of London - and the house will be packed soon.