Saturday, 29 January 2011

Cabinets de Curiosités

Hello and welcome “followers’, I’m really happy to see you here, and to read that you like my miniatures. Sometimes, when you are alone with your PC and your camera, you don’t know if what you are doing is wrong or right, especially when you try to compare with the other blogs full of wonderful  miniatures and dream houses. Whatever !
I’m working  on a house – that I’ve had for almost two years! – where I plan to fit out a Cabinet of Curiosities . It’s a long shot idea and the very reason why I called this blog “Petit Cabinet de Curiosités”. I just bought an excellent book on all kind of cabinets from the Sixteen century to present days  and I can’t resist to show it. It’s really an extraordinary book both for text and photos.

Patrick Mauriès - Cabinets de Curiosités –Gallimard 2002.
The original edition is in English, published by Thames and Hudson, but is very difficult to find. I’m sure that miniaturists can find in it a basket full of new ideas. Now, the challenge is to convert ideas into objects!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Struggling with wisteria

The front of my Art Nouveau house looks empty. I thought it wise to add some life there. And what's better for a welcoming entry than some climbing plants. I love wisteria, but that's not the easiest one to make. I began with a nice kit I bought at the Kensington Dollhouse Festival. But kits are usually to small, with not enough wire for the surrounding of the door, not enough petals to make the flowers [ and a grown up wisteria has a lot of flowers ], not the appropriate colour, paper too heavy for those flowers. I'm not satisfied with my plants and there begins the struggle ... how to achieve a more realistic look ! I'm still browsing the  web for any kind of picture and any kind of tutorial. I'm gluing confetti together to form a 8 shape and there are so many  flowers that it will surely keep me busy for the next two months.