Sunday, 15 May 2011

New Treasures for my Art Nouveau house

I'm back from the Kensington Dollhouse Festival with a bag full of treasures and ideas. Today I will show you only the most important ones. I keep the others for another day.

The table was made by Kim Selwood, after an original by Hermann Obrist (1863-1927) a sculptor of the Jugenstil movement.

All the bronze pieces are by Neil Carter. The bust is a bronze by Agathon Leonard (1841-1923) a french Art Nouveau sculptor. The table lamp with shell is after an original by Gustav Gurschner (1873-1971) a renowned sculptor of the viennese Art Nouveau. The ibis is of egyptian origin and is meant to go in my Cabinet of curiosities with other archaeologicals findings to come.

Here is an english painting fitting in the period, The Lady of Schallot after a victorian ballad by Alfred Lord Tennyson, painted by Waterhouse (1849-1917) in the Pre-Raphaelite style. The 1/12 scale copy is by Aidan Campbell, an English artist in miniatures.

Some real books by Ellie de Lacy.

Those are two Atlas: one by Mercator going back to 1595, the other is a more recent Royal Atlas.

And, at last, the most brilliant pianist of the show, an automaton by Laurence & Angela St Leger. If that's not a curiosity !


  1. You have bought wonderful things!!! And I see Angela got new ideas,this lady always makes me smile !Jeannette

  2. I love everything that you have bought! I have a real weakness for burl wood and love the table! The bronze work is stunning as is the painting! My favorite style! Thanks for sharing. I have been waiting to read some posts about the show!!

  3. Quelle chance, le Festival devait être génial ;) très jolis achats et nouveaux trésors pour le cabinet de curiosités ! le livre est superbe et le tableau est tout simplement magnifique ! Bonne soirée,

  4. Una gran suerte poder asistir a Kensington y sobre todo poder adquirir estas magníficas piezas. Un saludo, Eva