Sunday, 20 March 2011

Discovery of a naturalized Dodo in a private collection

The Dodo will be the first piece for my Cabinet of Curiosities. This heavy flightless bird from Mauritius Island has been extinct until the late XVIIth Century. We have descriptions and drawings by Dutch travelers who visited the Island during the Sixteenth Century, some bones are preserved in Museums but no complete skeleton has been found. I have the chance to be the owner of the only naturalized Dodo known in the world…Of course he is 1:12 scale made in FIMO and flocking, with the addition of some feathers, but he is still very rare.

The FIMO part of the work.

Painting the Dodo

A new Dodo is born.


  1. Voilà un dodo digne de figurer au muséum d'histoire naturelle ;-)

  2. Te felicito,un trabajo magnifico.Besos.

  3. Absolute wonderful!
    I just started a cabinet of curiosities myself, but for a wizardfamily, so the objects are going to be a little bit different.

  4. I just love LOVE this. You did a wonderful job. I am so going to have to have something like this for my curiosity shop someday. I sent you a couple little goodies in the mail for your voodoo boat. Should be there very soon:-)

  5. Hi Dominique,
    It's a real pleasure to see your works!
    Dodo and all yours miniatures are amazing.
    I,m your blog's follower:)

  6. I bow; LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!! Just discovered your blog but gonna follow, curiosities surely trigger the mind. And you seem to good at it, really good I may say!

    I used to work in The Zoölogical Museum in Amsterdam where we were making an exhibition about the Dodo with the Dutch expert on it; Boudewijn Buch. The preperator of the museum should see this. He might give you his job :-)) Marvelous job you've done, it's amazing!! I love 'm!!!

  7. great pictures, the detailing is awesome. If you could you go check out the version of my co-worker at the time, Ben van Wissen.

    After much studying he came to the conclusion the bird would not be as fat as it's always portrayed. He made it a slimmer... If he was right I won't debate but your's is far more adorable.

  8. Thank you Debora. I'm very proud that my Dodo is now recognised as a cute specimen by international scientists. If he is proved to be too fat ,I put him on a diet!