Saturday, 22 October 2011

A new gem for the curiosity cabinet

I have been away from my miniature world for a while. During this summer, the real world and my house there kept me busy painting, fixing, and sewing. But now I’m back in my mini workshop. The Art Nouveau house is crying for new furniture and more items in the curiosity cabinet.

I’m still working on my carpet, intended to be used in the sitting room. It’s so tiny, I think I have enough work for the next 3 years, if everything goes right.

I have built and painted a display cabinet to store shells and stones.

The collection has grown with the arrival of a new curiosity: the skeleton of a hand with six fingers. This hand goes back to the Sixteenth century and is said to belong to a very big man, six feet tall, of the family of Anne Boleyn. This is a very rare example of polydactyly with a complete functioning sixth digit containing bones. A gem for the collection!


  1. The scene is beautiful with new acquisitions. The carpet is getting beautiful!

  2. Me alegro de ver nuevamente sus trabajos. Todos unas maravillas. Un saludo, Eva

  3. Beautiful curiosity cabinet, beautiful blog... and your carpet is fantastic!!!