Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A dragon in my cabinet

Merci pour tous vos sympatiques commentaires concernant la maison Art Nouveau, intérieur et extérieur.
Ces derniers temps, il n'y a pas eu de grand changement dans le Cabinet de Curiosités, mais j'ajoute régulièrement de nouveaux objets.
J'ai callé  ma momie royale égyptienne dans un coin, près d'une statue d'Anubis sortie tout droit de la tombe de Toutankhamon. Ma plus belle acquisition récente est un petit dragon chinois, d'une incroyable précision, fait en verre de Murano par Vitreus Ignis.
Thank you for all your kind comments about the living room and the outside of the Art Nouveau house. Recently, I didn't make big changes in the Cabinet of Curiosities. I'm always searching for outstanding antiques to add in  the setting.

That's the actual look of the Cabinet, with my Royal Egyptian Mummy standing in the corner, near a statue of Anubis just taken from the tomb of Tutankhamun.

I'm very happy with this little one : a perfect Chinese dragon. Believe it or not, it's made of Murano glass by Vitreus Ignis. It looks like ivory...and it's milky white glass.

I also added some precious stones and shells to the collection, of  which an ammonite fossil, gift from a nice French miniaturist.
J'ai aussi ajouté quelques pierres et coquillages précieux et un fossile d'ammonite qui m'a été offert par une sympathique miniaturiste française.

The shelves are now filled with bones and stones, books and glasses.
I still have place for new discoveries....
Entre les pierres, les coquillages, les livres et les verreries il reste encore de la place pour de nouvelles découvertes.


  1. Hi!
    Your work is stunning! The Cabinet of Curiosities is so interesting, had to go through the photos several times to see all...! Love the Chinese dragon, it is fantastic! Thank you for the link to the pages of the artists.

  2. The room looks great with all wonderful furniture and tiny decors. Beautiful effect!

  3. Oh the dragon is fab! Does he sell them abroad too?

    1. I don't know, they were at the last KDF. They have an email, I'm sure they can give you the info.

  4. Oh!, maravilloso. Un saludo, Eva

  5. Your collections are so Marvelous, wondrous and strange... just like a real Cabinet would hold! The glass dragon is Exquisite! All the little pieces you have gathered are perfection in this room! I Love it!

  6. What a Pleasure it must be when you find a little gem like your dragon. It, like the dinosaur skeleton that you put together, it is the type of mini that I would not know just how good it IS until it is surrounded by your other unique curiosities! I love all of the fossils, shells, mummies and etc. that you have filled the shelves and the table tops with. You have Marvelous taste and a Real Collectors Eye!:D


  7. Beautiful. Bonjour de Montreal, Canada. :)