Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Stamps Collector Desk

I spent some time trying to put nice books together. I mean miniatures books ! I now have books of all kinds : some you can open and others you can't, some you can read and others you can't, some truly false and others not really false. And, at last, I came to miniaturize Pictures Albums and Stamps Albums.

Here are the results with the stamps. I used a kit from "House of Miniatures" ( It's an old one...I have a big stock of those ). I created the philatelist's desk with all the needed stuff including the magnifier. The stamps are sticks one by one and there is a leftover box for exchanges. Yes, Have a good look at it !

Wait, I forgot the regular books ! I love these ones

Incredible but true : they are made of paper, but also marbled paper, faux leather and - That's what I'm very proud of - the sheets are stitched like in the good real books...but, inside, there is nothing to read.


  1. I love your miniatures! The set in the header is very elegant and the tiny shoes are such a charming little detail. :-)